It’s a team-based process of community collaboration to design effective approaches. In addition to the individuals and families seeking solutions, our community partners include local public libraries, mutual assistance associations, churches, and synagogues who have been supporting refugees, students, educators, community colleges, local employers, and government—all with a shared goal of making our community an equitable place for those who arrive as refugees and asylees, have interrupted education, and want to end the instability in their lives.

Bringing different perspectives and expertise, we contribute to developing culturally and context-appropriate resources and tools, provide coaching and mentoring, intercultural training, and public education and support strategies to further the goal of being a welcoming community.


Join the COMPASS Partnerships team as a community member sharing skills as a volunteer with the opportunity to work alongside refugees and asylees seeking solutions. Together, we will collaborate with community partners, employers, and local government to design resources and opportunities that support education and skills training into living-wage career pathways.




Make a commitment to support our work in designing tools and resources. Your contribution can also provide direct grant support to subsidize costs of housing, education and repayment of the refugee travel loan so that refugees can make the shift from survival mode to long-term financial stability.

COMPASS gratefully accepts gifts from individuals, businesses, private foundations, charitable trusts, and other philanthropic endeavors. Your tax-deductible investment will contribute to education and skills training that will ultimately lead to a career and livable wages for refugees, individuals, and families.